My name is Martin Audrlický and I come from the city of Hradec Králové. Ever since I was in high school, first at the 8-year Gymnasium in Hořice and later at the Biskupské gymnázium Bohuslava Balbína in Hradci Králové, I have been fascinated by abstract concepts, humanities and social sciences, media, and art. I enjoy not only the pursuit of understanding, but above all creation - whether it is in textual or audiovisual format. I also gradually developed my love for film and later photography.

I continued my studies in the field of Political Science at the Faculty of Arts at University of Hradec Králové, but soon dropped out because I moved to England. There, I did volunteer work for two years. In the Czech Republic, I went through several jobs - from blue-collar work in a warehouse and factory to customer service to office work and translation. I am currently finishing my degree in Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. At the same time, I am engaged in a diverse range of activities - some commercially, others simply because I enjoy them or find them fulfilling - some of the results of which can be found on this website.

Much of my photography and inspiration comes from Hungary, which I visit often as my wife comes from there. In addition to Czech, I am fluent in English. I also speak German and am a beginner in learning Hungarian. Although my interests focus on film (especially), art, humanities and social sciences, I am fascinated by all knowledge, especially in its interconnection and interaction. I admire mathematics and natural sciences, especially in their macro and micro scale, which offers a broader view.